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Mellon Mays recipients

Mellon Foundation awards UNM $420,000 to establish MMUF program

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the University of New Mexico $420,000 to support the establishment of a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship program (MMUF) on campus. The initial term of the Mellon award is four and half years, starting this...

Water drops

Water conservation top priority at PPD

It is often said that UNM is a “city within a city.” The New Mexico Environment Department agrees, and has designated UNM as a “large water system” due to over 40,000 people using UNM’s water consistently. Because UNM is a “large water system,” it is ...

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Inside UNM

BLA program great option for staff

BLA program

January 28, 2015 — The University of New Mexico Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) program offers non-traditional students and UNM staff wishing to ...

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