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Hispanic Retention Students

Hispanic students highlight UNM retention efforts

More Hispanic students than ever are returning to the University of New Mexico for their sophomore year, taking a big step toward graduation. President Robert G. Frank announced the retention rate of Hispanic students going into the third semester hit ...

Stephanie Forrest and students

UNM engineering students, faculty long for better labs

The Farris Engineering building, constructed in 1967, sits directly across the street from Hodgin Hall, the oldest building at UNM. Hodgin Hall is great for nostalgia, tradition and history, but 47-year-old Farris exudes no charm...

David Atencio

Academic success includes students, parents and teachers

School is in session and now that students and parents are settling into an everyday routine, there are a few tips that can go a long way toward academic success says University of New Mexico Associate Professor David Atencio, who is the program ...

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Inside UNM

Holder knows UNM chemistry

Richard Holder

September 15, 2014 — Forty years ago, Americans watched the Watergate impeachment hearings of President Richard M. Nixon, Albuquerque Cab Company ...

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