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Mandatory training starts for all UNM students

March 22, 2017

UNM programs ranked in latest U.S. News & World Report rankings

March 21, 2017

BeKind UNM Pays it Forward to APD

March 21, 2017

Lobo Food Pantry on tap Friday, March 24

March 20, 2017

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PhotoVoice: Untold Minds

April 06, 04:00PM

Shared Knowledge Conference

April 06, 03:00PM

Baseball at San Diego

April 06, 12:00AM

Stroke Support Group

April 05, 10:00PM

Salud Toastmasters Club

April 05, 06:00PM

Member Meeting!

April 05, 01:00AM

Commuter Connections

April 04, 01:45PM

Survivors Writing Together

April 03, 08:30PM

Commuter Connections

April 03, 06:00PM

Baseball vs Fresno State

April 02, 06:00PM

Softball vs Colorado State

April 02, 06:00PM

Men's Tennis at Nevada

April 02, 06:00AM

Women's Soccer at Embry Riddle

April 01, 11:00PM

Baseball vs Fresno State

April 01, 08:00PM

Softball vs Colorado State

April 01, 07:00PM

Baseball vs Fresno State

April 01, 12:30AM

Softball vs Colorado State

March 31, 11:00PM

PAWS for Poison Prevention

March 31, 11:00PM

Men's Tennis vs Fresno State

March 31, 10:00PM

Beach Volleyball at Arizona

March 31, 09:00PM

CMBD Seminar Series

March 31, 06:00PM

UNMH Board of Trustees Meeting

March 31, 03:00PM


March 31, 12:00AM

Kristina Jacobsen Book Event

March 30, 09:00PM

Pathology Seminar Series

March 30, 02:00PM

INLP Coffee House

March 29, 11:00PM

Aromatherapy Workshop

March 29, 06:00PM

Arts-in-Medicine Concert

March 29, 06:00PM

David Wilde Book Event

March 29, 06:00PM

Salud Toastmasters Club

March 29, 06:00PM

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UNM and the BeKind team were honored by ABQ Mayor Richard Berry for their donation of nearly 600 teddy bears. The toys will be put in APD cruisers for when officers encounter a child who needs comforting. (L to R) Cindy Mason, Dorene DiNaro, Mayor Berry, Kim Kloeppel, APD Chief Gorden Eden. 
Happy March equinox, when all over the world, days and nights are approximately equal. The name equinox comes from Latin words which mean “equal night”—aequus (equal) and nox (night). 
A flowering quince located north of Fine Arts. These beautiful shrubs paint UNM's main campus in early spring.   
Travelling? Working? Straight up chilling? Share pictures of your Spring Break on Instagram and tag #thelobolife to show other Lobos where the classroom ends and the Land of Enchantment begins. 
Hang in there Lobos, midterms are now halfway done -- you got this!
Thanks to all who came out and helped make Lobo Day 2017 a success, happy birthday UNM!