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Hair Color and Flatiron Patterns

New technology allows hair to reflect almost any color

What if you could alter your hair to reflect any color in the spectrum?  What if you could use a flatiron to press a pattern into your new hair color?  Those are possibilities suggested by research from the University of New Mexico and...

Bruce Milne and teacher

Teachers get science lessons of their own this summer

K-12 teachers who are taking part in the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Teachers program got a crash course recently in Arduinos on how they can incorporate small microcontrollers into lessons for their science students.

Familia Cheer

UNM hosts Youth Leadership Institute

The road to student success starts well before the student enters college. Many have what it takes, but some lack access to information and resources. Enter Youth Leadership Institute, an initiative of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Five YLIs are ...

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Former UNM Provost Paul Risser dies

Paul Gillan Risser

July 15, 2014 — Paul Gillan Risser, a champion of education, died on Thursday, July 10 after a lengthy illness. He was 74. Risser served as ...

CHTM hires new faculty

Francesca Cavallo

July 15, 2014 — Three new faculty members joining The University of New Mexico’s Center for High Technology Materials are relocating to ...

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