Clare Daniel Curriculum Vitae


PhD in American Studies, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM (May 2014)
MA in American Studies, University of New Mexico,  Albuquerque, NM (May 2008)
BA in German Studies and English, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN (May 2004) 
- Minor: Women's and Gender Studies

Academic Advising Center, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Assistant Director of Exploratory Advising (July 2016 - Present)
Senior Academic and Career  Advisor (July 2014 - Present)


•     Identify needs for institutional data on undecided students  and devise methods  for data collection, utilizing Salesforce dashboards, Registrar reports, student surveys, and other sources.
•     Participate in nation-wide professional and academic conversations around advising undecided students, including NACADA Undecided and Exploratory Students Commission
•     Created Graduate School Entrance  Advising  program, perform  continuous research on best practices related to pre-grad advising,  provide pre-grad  advising to all interested full-time undergraduates
•     Contribute to strategic planning for center-  and University-wide initiatives, including new student orientation, cohort programs, retention efforts,  student-athlete advisement, the integration of academic  and career advising, and the development of first-year co1U'Se curriculum

•     Lead taskforce of diverse University constituents in the development of exploratory advising philosophy, goals, programs, and initiatives for all undecided full-time  undergraduate students
•     Direct the Acadentic Advising Center's faculty relations  program
•     Serve as Academic Advising  liaison to College Board and International Baccalaureate, as well as many campus programs  and offices
•     Sit on hiring committee for Office of Study Abroad advising  position
•     Sit on the Newcomb College  Institute's Newcomb Scholars  Advisory Committee, helping to select women  undergraduate students for highly selective leadership program

•     Design and implement training and professional development for academic advisors, success coaches, career coaches, and student-athlete  advisors about exploratory advising theory and practices
•     Supervise team of Senior Academic and Career Advisors specializing in the liberal arts
•     Coordinste regular  team-bnilding public service activities  for advising team around New Orleans
•     Manage hiring process for all Senior Academic and Career Advisor positions
•     Mentor new Senior Academic and Career  Advisors during onboarding
•     Participate in strategic planning around reteotion  of Academic Advising Center staff

•     Conceived of and oversaw the development of database for easy access to accurate academic program information during student appointroeots
•     Participate in refining and promoting campus-wide early alert system, concern reporting, and withdrawal alerts aimed at improving student  outcomes  and retention
•     Lead the creation  of content for Exploratory Advising  and Graduate School Entrance Advising portions of the Academic Advising Center's revised website (not yet publicly available)
•    Utilize Salesforce, Banner,  SARS, DocuShare, Box, FormSite  and other electronic systems for management of student records, appointments, and collaboration across units.

•     Provide academic and career advising to 200 undergraduate students, guiding them through their undergraduate experience from first-year orientation to graduation
•     Track students' progress in core cmriculum requirements, making course and scheduling recommendations based on each individual's program of study
•     Monitor at-risk students and implement strategies to help them achieve their goals, including proactive and appreciative  advising, motivational interviewing, and referrals to support services

Center for Southwest Research, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. NM (January 2010- May 2014)
Graduate Fellow                                                                                                                    
•     Served as Pictorial Collections Fellow, Digitization Fellow, and Clinton P. Anderson Fellow consecutively
•     Conducted library instruction for University and community groups, tailoring sessions to the needs  of each group according to discipline and course content
•     Participated in strategic  plaoning and progrannning for the Center's public services
•     Authored outreach and publicity materials  for Center programs and events
•     Assisted with curating exhibit showcasing scholarship that utilized  Center archives
•     Provided reference and archival duplication services to patrons
•     Accessioned, arranged, processed,  and digitized  pictorial arcltives
•     Served on hiring committee for Pictorial  Collections Fellow position

Lobo Center for Student-Athlete Success, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Student Manager (August 2009 - December 2009)
Tutor/Mentor (August 2007 - December 2009)
•     Managed team of graduate  and uodergraduate tntors, providing  training,  evaluation, and guidance arouod working with the student-athlete population
•     Tutored undergraduate student-athletes in writing across disciplines and German
•     Mentored student-athletes to help them improve  their study skills, time management, and overall academic  success
•     Monitored student-athlete study halls, fielding questions and assisting in the development of productive study habits

Lifetrack  Resources, St. Paul  MN
Job Counselor and  Teen Parent Case Worker (July 2005 - July 2006)
Job Developer/AmeriCorps Member (July 2004- July 2005)
•     Managed caseload  of recipients of public assistance, including approximately 50 teeoage parents
•    Assisted recipients of public assistance in job search activities
•     Developed partnerships with local employers and placed recipients in jobs, providing ongoing support

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Adjunct Lecturer

COLQ  I 030 Honors  Colloquium: Quest for Answers (Spring 2017)
COLQ 4013 Honors  Thesis Boot Camp (Spring 2016)
CRDV 1090 Majors, Internships, and Jobs (Spring 2015)
CRDV 1090 Majors, Internships, and Jobs (Fall 2014)

University of New Mexico, Albuouergue. NM
Teaching  Associate, Instructor of Record
AMST 350 Race, Nature, and Disaster (Spring 2013)                                                                            
•     Created course, designed and taught online in LEARN
AMST 350 Race, Nature, and Disaster (Fall 2012)
•     Created course, designed and taught online in WebCT
AMST 350 Race, Nature, and Disaster (Spring 2011)
•     Created course, taught face-to-face

Teaching  Assistant,  Instructor of Record
AMST 185 Introduction to Race, Class, and Ethnicity (Fall 2010)
•     Managed and mentored graduate teaching assistant
AMST 184 Introduction to Popular  Culture (Spring 2010)
AMST 185 Introduction to Race, Class, and Etbnicity (Fall 2009)
AMST 185 Introduction to Race, Class, and Etbnicity (Fall 2008)


Graduate Student Success Scholarship, University of New Mexico (2013-2014)
Graduate Dean's Dissertation Scholarship, University of New Mexico (2013-2014)
Susan Deese-Roberts Outstanding Teaching Assistant  of the Year Award (2013)


Mediating Morality: Teen Pregnancy in the Post-Welfare Era (University of Massachusetts Press, 2017)

Peer-Reviewed Articles:
"'Taming the Media Monster:' Teen Pregoaocy and the Neoliberal Safety (Inter)Net," Signs: Journal  of Women in Culture and Society  39:4 (Summer 2014) 973-998

"The Lee Marmon Photographs: Chronicles of the West," with Claire-Lise Benaud,  Collection  Building 32:4 (October  2013) 133-138

Book Chapter:
"Teen Sex, an Equal-Opportnnity Menace: Multicultural Politics in 16 and Pregnant,"  in MTV and Teen Pregnancy: Critical Essays on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, ed. Letizia Guglielmo (Lanhsm: Scarecrow Press, 2013) 79-92


2017 - "'Dismantling Teen Pregnancy Prevention:' Building a Movement for Young Parents' Rights," National Women's Studies Association, Baltimore, MD, November
2015 - "Pathology and Path-Breaking: Young Parents' Rights in New Mexico," International Summit  on Civil and Hnman Rights, Kennesaw State University, GA, October
2014 - "Unruly Teens versus Welfare  Queens: Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Welfare Reform," American Stndies Association, Los Angeles, CA, November
2013 -"The Neoliberal Safety (Inter)Net: Teenage Pregnancy, Social Media, and Citizenship," American Studies Association, Washington, DC, November
2013 - "Teen Sex, an Equal-Opportnnity Menace: Multicultural Politics in 16 and Pregnant,"  National Women's Studies Association, Cincinnati, OH, November
2013 - "Teenage Frivolity  Sacrificed: 16 and Pregnant's Multicultural Politics," Critical Ethnic Studies Association Conference, Chicago, IL, September