Greg Lanier biography

Dr. Greg Lanier is the Director of the Kugelman Honors Program at the University of West Florida where he holds joint appointments at the rank of Professor in Honors, Theatre, and English.  Dr. Lanier’s most celebrated accomplishments have occurred in the multi-disciplinary field of Honors pedagogy and administration.  Over the past fifteen years, he has established an international reputation as a leading expert in the areas of Honors Curriculum Development and Honors Assessment practices, and he has published widely on these subjects. His work appears in the monograph A Practical Handbook for the Review of Honors Programs and Colleges as well as in numerous articles in the Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council

In 2010, he was elected as a Charter Fellow of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC), and he has served that organization as its Vice President, President-Elect, and President.  He also served for three years on the NCHC Board of Directors, and he is the current Chair of the NCHC Assessment and Evaluation Committee.  Dr. Lanier is also one of the nation’s most active reviewers of Honors Programs and Colleges, having evaluated the Honors practices at nearly thirty institutions from West coast to East coast and from Florida to Alaska.  Prior to his leadership at the national level, Dr. Lanier served as President of the Southern Regional Honors Council and as President of the Florida Collegiate Honors Council.  Beyond his contributions to Honors, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Seaside Repertory Theatre and the Pensacola Little Theatre. 

During his thirty years at UWF, Dr. Lanier has received numerous teaching awards, including a Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award, an Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching/Advising Award, and two Teaching Incentive Performance Awards.  His publications in field of drama studies include essays on the plays of William Shakespeare and Sam Shepard in journals such as Modern Drama and Essays in Literature.  Dr. Lanier was the Founding Dean of UWF’s University College, and beyond those administrative duties, he served as the Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences for fifteen years, has twice overseen a complete reform of the General Education curriculum at UWF, has served on the Florida statewide committee for General Education reform in 2012-2013, chaired the committees that restructured the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Humanities programs, served as the Director of the School of Fine and Performing Arts, and has moreover been the  Chair of the English and Foreign Languages Department, the Chair of the Theatre Department, and as the Chair of the Music Department.  Under his leadership, the Kugelman Honors Program has emerged as a national model for active learning, student success, and student retention techniques.  Dr. Lanier’s work on interdisciplinary curriculum assessment has been published in Using Quality Benchmarks for Assessing and Developing Undergraduate Programs