Laura Valdez Curriculum Vitae

I am a proven leader, skilled in providing innovative, efficient, and quality program management. I am known for bringing technology to optimize internal operations and student services. I have a track record for creating programs using a clear vision and strong organizational skills. I am a strong communicator that provides clear instructions and motivates teams to tackle complex tasks.

Senior Program Manager, University College Advisement Center (May 2010-Present)
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM

• Created the culture of a student-centered environment to provide quality services. Diagnosed student issues by using advising online tools and data generated from MyReports, LoboAchieve, and ePrint to improve advising services.
• Used data to identify and verify indicators leading to high rates of academic suspension of students enrolled in foundational courses, which resulted in restricting students from courses requiring college level reading, math, and English. Suspensions decreased by 14.8% as a result.
• Facilitated a process for identifying the profile of Undecided majors though advising, career counseling, and psychology literature that resulted in the UCAC "Myth vs. Reality" handout plus a three-semester plan for advising exploratory students.
• Created a practice and process for organizing advisor availability, including moving away from sporadic daily walk-in visits to manageable appointment schedules, reducing peak season visits by 50% and increasing the amount of advising time spent on each student. Reduced student wait time from 2 hours to 15 minutes.
• Pioneered a new approach to advising students on academic probation that normalizes academic struggles then moves them toward new academic habits. The college has reduced the five year suspension term to zero in the past three semesters.
• Launched evaluations and surveys with E-Survey on a semester basis. Analyzed data to examine, revise, and strengthen advising practices and outcomes. Distributed results to stakeholders.
• Managed the unit that participated in Beta testing of Starfish LoboAchieve.
• Presented workshops on emerging First Year Experience theories and practices as they relate to University College and UNM student populations, particularly for students of color and first generation students.
• Lead an advising center that has a 92% response of strongly agree to agree to the statement, "My advisement session was conducted in a supportive environment" on the Spring 2016 evaluation.
• Guided colleagues in other colleges on methods for advising freshmen during the advisement restructure.
• Supervised 14 professional staff which included hiring, performance appraisals, assigning tasks, and manage annual operating budget of $635,000.
• Partnered with the Associate Athletic Director-Student Development when all underclassmen athletes were enrolled in University College to ensure adherence to degree plans.

New Student Orientation Director, Dean of Students Office (April 2000-April 2010)
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM

• Directed the daily operation of an orientation program for over 5,000 incoming freshmen and transfer students, and 1,200 parents with a budget of $575,000. Acknowledged as the best Orientation program in the region with other universities using my program as a model for best practices in a range of areas including hiring. staff training, and overall programming.
• Moved from paper to an online reservation system, resulting in faster and more accurate service in addition to resulted in cost savings to the department.
• Initiated mandatory orientation for transfer students. Launched two online orientation programs to provide a convenient re-introduction to returning students and Branch campus transfers.
• Implemented two Orientation and one Parent Relations Benchmark Project through Campus Labs, comparing UNM results with peer institutions. As a result, improved program online information to bring it
to par with peers.
• Organized a never-done-before collaboration with over 50 departments, including the Athletic and Student Activities department, the Bookstore, and Housing to develop content and transmit information to
incoming students in new and innovative ways.
• Designed first-of-its kind online placement survey for incoming freshman to provide students with a better idea of their math, English, and reading course placement and encourage them to take placement exams.
• Devised a process for identifying incoming athletes in New Student Orientation Reservation system, and shared information on attendees with the Lobo Center for Student-Athlete Success to ensure compliance.
• Communicated orientation registration efforts to Vice President of Student Affairs, Associate Provosts, Dean of University College, Admissions Director, and Registrar to predict Fall semester enrollment.
• Assumed on-call duty in the Dean's absence, which included crisis management.
• Supervised 25 student staff, three professional staff members, on-call Training Consultant, graduate assistant, and oversaw two Dean of Students support staff.
• Trained the Academic Advising community upon rollout of Lobo Web and Student Banner as part of the Registrar's Team and as a heavy user of the student information system.
• Participated in the Diverse Democracy Project (out of the University of Michigan) as a campus team member. UNM was one of the participating campuses.
• Worked closely with the football and basketball assistant directors on providing student services including New Student Orientation, course absences, dean's permission to drop courses, and Emergency Student Loans.
• Wrote and oversaw content for orientation printed materials and website, including three publications.

Part-Time Instructor (Spring 2001-Present)
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM

• Implemented curriculum for Math Learning Strategies, a one-credit online course. (2015-Present)
• Incorporated college skills and success strategies in a three-credit hour course, Introduction to Higher Education and UNM. Designed curriculum and assignments to fulfill departmental learning objectives. The course contributed to the 4% higher third semester retention for students enrolled in UNIV 101. Communicated with faculty teaching Psychology 105, Sociology 101, and Anthropology 130 when course was paired with lecture courses. (Fall Semesters 2007-Present)
• Incorporated learning activities in College Preparation ACAD 101 an online, no-credit course for first semester freshmen. (Fall Semesters 2011-2012)
• Developed curriculum and taught Leadership and Mentoring, a three-credit hour course focusing on theoretical application in daily work situations. (Summer Semesters 2004-2009)
• Designed U.S. Isms, a 200-level Honors course, with two different graduating seniors then implemented the curriculum the following semester. (Spring 2001)

Student Affairs Specialist, Dean of Students Office (September 1991-March 2000)
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM

• Created a parent orientation program called Family Connection from ground zero that grew from 20 parents to 120 family members. I was invited to co-write a chapter in Partnering with the Parents of Today's College Students as a recognition for having a best practice.
• Strategized responses and created programming during an epidemic of on-campus hate crimes which involved coordinating with the Associate Provost, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, and Director of University Communications.
• Created and directed a week-long series of workshops, seminars, information fairs, involving faculty, staff, and students. The programming was UNM's first attempt to highlight and celebrate its diversity.
• Coordinated the ground-breaking and campus-wide diversity training programs for faculty, staff and students by using the Anti-Defamation's A Campus of Difference training module. Recognized by the Albuquerque Martin Luther King, Jr. Council for impacting the UNM Community.
• Wrote, adopted, enforced, supervised, and implemented policies and procedures on University withdrawals, tuition refund appeals, class absences, and emergency student loans resulting in streamlined student services.
• Implemented an automated withdrawal process to accommodate students that were not able to have personalized visits with Dean of Students office personnel in the process of withdrawing.
• Acted as liaison between parents and the University when their student passed away providing a sensitive and centralized point of contact for closing ties during an emotional time. Provided guidance to departments on awarding posthumous degrees.
• Administered a judicial board for alleged violators of the Student Code of Conduct and wrote hearing summaries and sanction notices. Provided written hearing summaries to Vice President as part of the student appeal process, and consulted with University Counsel.

Admissions and Student Outreach, Assistant Director (January 1988-September 1991)
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM

• Planned and implemented recruitment activities and informational sessions at high schools throughout New Mexico. Directed pre-college programs for minority high school and middle school students.
• Recruited, trained, and worked with a volunteer pool of faculty, staff, students and alumni.
• Coordinated campus programming in collaboration with the National Hispanic Institute and reported directly to the Associate Vice President for recruitment efforts for Hispanic students from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Iowa.
• Organized and implemented marketing plan for high school visitation programs such as Senior Day and scholarship recognition receptions.

Educational Counselor (September 1985- January 1988)
LULAC National Educational Service Center (LNESC) (TRIO Program) Albuquerque, NM

• Assisted economically disadvantaged students seek college financial aid funding and admission.
• Arranged career awareness field trips for at-risk middle school populations.
• Supervised a Washington, D.C. internship for Latinx/a/o youth that increased awareness of public policy issues for Latinx/a/o. Monitored internship sites at the American Red Cross, Small Business Administration, and U.S. Senators Alan Cranston and Paul Simon's offices.
• Directed a leadership program for 15 Albuquerque youth, as part of a national initiative to increase Latino Public Policy involvement
• Coordinated publicity for special events and seminars, including writing Public Service Announcements.

Master of Arts, July 1995
University of New Mexico

Bachelor of Arts, May 1985
University of New Mexico

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Reflections from a Latina Student Affairs Practitioner at a Hispanic-Serving Institution, NetResults, NASPA's E-Zine for Student Affairs Professionals, October 12, 2004
Daily Lobo Monthly Diversity Column, University of New Mexico, 1999 - 2002

Co-Founder & Co-Chair National Latlnx/a/o Knowledge Community, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, One Term, and Advisory Board, Two Terms. Co-created mission, goals, and objectives for launching pre-conference institutes, awards, mentoring, increased program submissions to the NASPA national conference, and promote Latinx/a/o representation in overall NASPA leadership.
National Conference Planning Committee (Program and Assessment Chair), NODA Association for Orientation Transition Retention in Higher Education, Two Years. Coordinated program proposal process along with time and space assignments. Initiated the first online program proposal submission and instituted the use of a rubric for program selection. Designed and implemented the first national online program session evaluation process by using Campus Labs services.
National NASPA Undersraduate Fellows Program (NUFP) Advisory Board, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, One Term. Collaborated on a mentor training handbook. Provided
guidance to the regional NUFP representatives.
National lndigenous Peoples Knowledse Community Advisory Board, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, One Year. Provided guidance on structure, funding resources, and programming as the community was being formed.
Resion IV-West Resional Conference Planning Committee, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, Three Conferences. Provided local arrangements such as reception venues, liaison with hotel, coordinate with restaurant and conference sites, side trips, and transportation. Organized a Leadership Institute for undergraduate students.
NODA Association for Orientation Transition Retention In Higher Education Region 3 Conference Co-Host, Two Conferences. Coordinated registration, program proposals, Registration, conference materials, coordinated conference site and hotels.
NODA Association for Orientation Transition Retention in Higher Education Resion 3 Leadership, Two Terms. Represented the state of New Mexico and disseminated information to orientation directors at the two and four-year New Mexico institutions.
Region IV-West Board, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Hisher Education Board, Three Terms. Contributed to the governance and policies of the region. Educated members about the NUFP program and recruited protegees and mentors to participate. Represented the state of New Mexico and disseminated membership information. Reminded associates of their membership dues and sent information to new institutional members. Featured on the national membership brochure and website.


LoboAchleve Stakeholders Committee, Member, Current
Higher Learning Commission, Criterion Three Committee, Member, Current
North Central Accreditation Self-Study, Criterion Two, Member, One year
Provost's Committee for Advising, Advisor Award Committee, Chair and founding member, Two Years
Advisor Institute, Provost's Committee for Advising, Member, Three Years
Registration Committee to test conversion process to Student Banner, Registrar's Team, One Year
Trainer, preparing academic advisors for Student Banner conversion, Spring Semester
A Celebration of Differences, a campus wide event to highlight diversity at UNM, Chair, Six Years
Campus Diversity Council, Chair, Four Years
Diverse Democracy, Silvia Hurtado as Principle Investigator, Campus Team Member, Three Years
A Campus of Difference, an Anti-Defamation League curriculum, Trainer, Seven Years
UNM Strategic Planning, Diversity Sub-Committee, Member, Two Years
University Counsel Office Periodic Review, Member, of the One Year
Faculty Senate Scholarships, Loans, and Prizes Committee, Ex Officio's Designee, Three Years
Faculty Senate Admissions and Records Committee, Ex Officio's Designee, Three Years
UNM Parent Association Board, Ex Officio and Scholarship Committee founder, Two Terms

Mena/Valdez Awards, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, Latinx/a/o Knowledge
Community award ceremony named in honor of a colleague and I.
Outstanding Leadership and Dedication Award, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education,
Latinx/o/a Knowledge Community
Innovation Award, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, Region IV-West
Outstanding New Professional, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, Region IV-West
Keep the Dream Alive Award, The Albuquerque Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Celebration Committee
Gerald W. May Staff Recognition Award for Distinguished Service, University of New Mexico
Outstanding Student Service Provider, Student Affairs Louie Award, University of New Mexico
Intercultural Award, Department of Communication and Journalism, University of New Mexico
Student Service Award, El Centro de Ia Raza, University of New Mexico
The Lavender Heart Award, Women's Resource Center, University of New Mexico
Outstanding One-on-One Volunteer, Dean of Students Office, University of New Mexico

Latina/a Professional Development Panel Moderator, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher
Education, National Conference, St. Louis, MO
Leadership at the Crossroads: A Dialogue with Current and Future Leaders of the 2lst Century,
NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, National Conference, Indianapolis, IN
Native Americans in Higher Education, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
National Conference, Seattle, WA
Using Multimedia in Orientation Programs, NODA Association for Orientation Transition Retention in Higher
Education National Conference (NODA), Miami, FL
Integrating Diversity In your OfJianlzatlon, NIRSA National Executive Board Meeting, Albuquerque, NM
Renewal through Diversity: Planning and Conducting a Suuessful Campus Diversity Program, NASPA
Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, Region IV-West Conference, Hot Springs, AR
Diversity Training in New Student Orientation Programs, NODA Association for Orientation Transition
Retention in Higher Education, Region Ill, Pueblo, CO (Showcase winner rated top program in the conference)
Making the Right Hire, NACADA The Global Community for Academic Advising, Region 10 Conference, Santa Fe, NM
The Color of Fear, Governor's Career Development Conference, Albuquerque, NM
Diversity Training, Metro Court Employee Training, Albuquerque, NM
Using Technology in Student Programs, NM Student Affairs Professionals Symposium
Transition Issues: How much do you know about new students? NM Student Affairs Professionals Symposium
What's Your Major? New Mexico Academic Advising Association, Albuquerque, NM