The University of New Mexico Department of Linguists hosts “Well-Being, Deaf Lives, and Interpreting Ethics,” a High Desert Linguistics Society Roadrunner Series presentation by Teresa Blankmeyer Burke of Gallaudet University, Thursday, Sept. 17 at 4 p.m. it the Humanities building in room 134.

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke takes an unusual approach to discussions of ethics and signed language interpreting that have historically focused on codes of ethics. These discussions have traditionally focused on what kinds of behaviors should be encouraged and restricted while interpreting, but Blankmeyer Burke questions human flourishment and what role interpreters play in it. She also looks at what it means for deaf people to have flourishing lives.

Blankmeyer Burke will present her argument that access to communication is an important component for the flourishing of deaf people. Her topics of discussion include well-being, adaptive preferences, decision-making, privacy and autonomy.