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Two UNM regents confirmed by New Mexico Senate

By Susan McKinsey February 08, 2016

House Appropriations Committee approves budget bill

By Susan McKinsey February 04, 2016

House Appropriations Committee cuts higher education budget

By Susan McKinsey February 03, 2016

Senate fiddles with lottery scholarship fund

By Susan McKinsey February 01, 2016

Financial picture bleak for New Mexico

By Susan McKinsey January 27, 2016

Big turnout for UNM Day at the legislature

By Aaron Hilf January 26, 2016

UNM Day at New Mexico legislature

By Susan McKinsey January 25, 2016

United States Secretary of the Navy visits UNM

January 21, 2016

Lawmakers ask for revised revenue estimates

By Susan McKinsey January 21, 2016

New Mexico Legislature opens

By Susan McKinsey January 19, 2016

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