1. ABQ Journal - "Libertarian presidential hopeful Gary Johnson speaks at UNM"

2. ABQ Business First - "Portion of Anderson School to be demolished for new $25 million project"

3. Natural Home and Garden - "UNM students rebuilding Nepal community center"

4. Space Ref - "NASA Invites Media to Swarmathon Robotics Competition at Kennedy Visitor Complex"

5. College of American Pathologists - "CAP Member Leads Effort to Fight Opioid Abuse in New Mexico"

6. Broadcast news:

*KRQE 13                   04/15/2016             7:35 a.m.
"UNM club joins fight to change official school seal"

*KRQE 13                   04/14/2016             10:19 p.m.
"Gary Johnson hosts campaign rally at UNM"