1. ABQ Journal - "Effects of smoking don’t end with kids"

2. KOB - "HIV Walk and 5k Run to be held Sunday"

3. Silver City Sun-News - "Governor Martinez line-item vetoed all funds to UNM, including Cancer Center"

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6. Health and Medicine - "Do parasitic worms help keep arteries young?"

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8. Donate Life - "UNMH celebrates lives saved by organ donors"

9. Wild Life News - "Carbon Curtain exposes suppression of science at a state university"

10. Broadcast News:

*KOAT 4/18/17 6:17 a.m.

UNM applications from international students are down 20%

*KOB 4/18/17 6:15 a.m.

UNM cancer center could lose 8 million dollar in state money because of Governor Susana Martinez’s veto