1. Albuquerque Journal - "UNM Regents meeting Friday to reconsider sports cuts"

2. The Grant County Beat - "Udall, Heinrich, Lujan Grisham announce $3.5 Million in NSF Grants to UNM for Transmission Electron Microscope, Professional Development for HS Teachers"

3. National Geographic - "Early Native Americans Imported Exotic Parrots, DNA Reveals"

4. Smithsonian - "A Macaw Breeding Center Supplied Prehistoric Americans With Prized Plumage"

5. Yahoo News - "The world’s first practical quantum computer has cash and a timeline"

6. eLife Sciences - "Contagious Cancers: A ‘devil’ of a problem"

7. Med Imaging - "CT Bests Ultrasound for Detecting Gallbladder Infections"

8. The Joint - "Study: Cannabis Can Help Treat Schizophrenia, Offering “a Fresh Start and Newfound Hope”"

9. The News Observer - "Look out, IBM. A Duke-led group is also a player in quantum computing."

10. Broadcast:

*KRQE 13 - "Albuquerque city council proposes new sick leave bill after voter rejection"

*KOB 4 - "UNM Board of Regents will meet Friday for new vote on eliminating sports"

*WFAA Dallas - "Is the blue light in smartphones and tablets harmful?"