1. ABQ Journal - "Mayor candidates pledge to continue tech innovation"

2. ABQ Journal - "UNM search for president forges ahead"

3. ABQ Journal - "UNM technology accelerates genomic sequencing"

4. Los Alamos Monitor - "UNM-LA community internship collaboration launches a new semester"

5. Los Alamos Daily Post - "Housing Opportunities For UNM-LA Students"

6. Los Alamos Daily Post - "UNM-LA Community Internship Collaboration Launches New Semester This Month"

7. Los Alamos Daily Post - "UNM-LA Health And Safety Programs Meet Local Community Needs"

8. EurekAlert - "Analysis of a 'rusty' lunar rock suggests the moon's interior is dry"

9. Edge Media Network - "Neutron Beams, X-rays Reveal More About T. Rex Relative"

10. Spoke - "Medical Cannabis and Reduced Prescription Use"

11. Art Daily - "Frederick Hammersley's creative process revealed in fall exhibition"

12. Broadcast news:

* KRQE 13 - "UNM offering hearing tests, hearing aids for a fraction of the cost"

* KRQE 13 - "Watch NASA’s live stream of the solar eclipse"

* KRQE 13 - "Frontier warns people heading to UNM not to park in their lots illegally"

* KRQE 13 - "UNM-Valencia professor receives award for work with STEM education"

* KRQE 13 - "UNM study to look into English language learners’ struggles with math"