1. Albuquerque Journal - "UNM puts convenience store plan on hold"

2. Albuquerque Journal - "NM revenue levels soar; $1.2 billion in ‘new’ money projected"

3. Science & Technology Research News - "Improved Thermal-Shock Resistance in Industrial Ceramics"

4. Quartz - "Dams and reservoirs can’t save us. This is the new future of water infrastructure."

5. Black News Portal - "The Next Megadrought in the American Southwest May Be Right Around the Corner"

6. Healthcare Analytics News - "AI Can Help Doctors Diagnose Tricky Mood Disorders Like Bipolar 1"

7. Broadcast:

*KRQE 13 - "UNM Police launch hashtag to engage community on social media"

*KRQE 13 - "Poll shows standings in NM gubernatorial, senate races"

*KOB 4 - "Could NM oil and gas industries help save UNM sports?"