1. ABQ Journal - "Higher education leaders consider reform measures" 

2. ABQ Journal - "Water runs through it: Cactus Tractor’s album covers many genres"

3. ABQ Journal - "Editorial: Let’s regulate renewables by statute, not semantics"

4. Trib Town - "Santa Fe mayor proposes cultural district to fight counterfeit Native American art"

5. Bloomington Newsroom - "Study: Faith-based community organizations can boost Muslim civic engagement, quality of life"

6. The Durango Herald - "Fortunato’s mystery ‘Dark Reservations’ a welcome addition to Western lore"

7. Ruidoso News - "Expansion of pre-nursing programs at ENMU-Ruidoso discussed"

8. Lifehack - "Science Proves Funny People Are More Intelligent"

9. Nature World News - "Bird and Mammal Size Not Important in Adjusting to Temperature"

10. Los Alamos Monitor - "Fix UNM’s gender pay gap"

11. Newswire Today - "Charles River Analytics Announces IARPA Contract to Improve Adaptive Reasoning and Problem Solving"

12. Virtual-Strategy Magazine - "Net Medical Xpress Unveils Telemed Building Blocks Modules for Telemedicine"

13. Broadcast news:

* KOAT 7        12/18/2015          6:04 a.m.
New UNM 'Be Kind' initiative