1. ABQ Journal - "Investing in human capital best way to boost economy"

2. ABQ Journal - "NMSU chief seeks new revenue streams"

3. ABQ Business First - "Albuquerque facilities continue to attract cutting edge breast cancer technology"

4. LA Monitor - "Lopez proves perseverance pays off"

5. LA Monitor - "UNM tries to lure new students"

6. New Mexico PBS - "The Grand Canyon, Curanderismo"

7. American Psychological Association - "One-hit wonder"

8. American Sexual Health Association - "Political Pushing and Pulling: Ongoing Debates over Sexual Health and Rights"

9. Ethiopian Observer - "Current Issues in Educational Development in Selected African Countries: A Comparative and International Education Perspective"

10. The Equine Chronicle - "Changing Lives, One Stride at a Time"

11. Residential Architect - "Health Conscious"

12. Energy Vortex - "Energy Department Projects Win 33 R&D 100 Awards for 2015"

13. Current-Argus - "View of refugees: An opportunity for us, them"

14. The Journal - "Libraries to host Amazing Authors Tour"

15. American Towns - "UNM-G to host annual Holiday in NM event"

16. Tampa Bay Times - "Review: Women artists shine in print show at Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg"

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