1. The Alibi - "LAND BRIDGES: Land art students forge connections between species, places, people"

2. AXS - "J.I.D announces 'Catch Me If You Can' tour 2019"

3. PHYS Org - "New material could be the answer to infrastructure woes"

4. Impact Lab - "This map shows the largest employer in every state"

5. Aggregates Business International - "Researchers say they are close to perfecting bendable concrete"

6. 420 Intel - "Cannabis and communication course offered in spring 2019"

7. AGU100 - "Conservation of our lobo, the Mexican gray wolf"

8. 9News - "Pedro Lopez: The world's second worst serial killer who walked free from prison"

9. Broadway World - "The Golden Dragon Acrobats Come to Popejoy Next Month"

10. Broadcast

*KRQE 13 - "UNM students, staff petition school to use more renewable energy"

*KOB 4 - "Agora Crisis Center pushes to lower suicide stats in New Mexico"

*KRQE 13 - "Popejoy Mariachi Performance"

*KRQE 13 - "UNM Student Athlete named national athlete of the week”

*CBC Radio 91.5 - "Psychology professor research on psychopathy"