1. ABQ Journal - "Blood-boosters may give preemies an edge"

2. ABQ Journal - "WESST program stokes creative industry"

3. ABQ Journal - "Dispute arises in fetal parts inquiry"

4. ABQ Journal - "This week, take the time to be kind"

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10. ABQ Business First - "UNM Law's $2.6M funding creates fellowships and jobs"

11. New Mexico State News Net - "Banking leader joins Innovate ABQ board"

12. New Mexico State News - "UNM enrollment follows this trend for fifth spring term in a row"

13. New Mexico State News - "Albuquerque firm picked to design new UNM Anderson School building"

14. Alamogordo Daily News - "Steinborn: Ethics reform would help the economy"

15. ArcheMedEx - "Project ECHO: A new model for educating primary care providers about treatment of substance use disorders."

16. Latinos Health - "New Lung Cancer Trial Opened in New Mexico"

17. Sauk Valley.com – “Many Americans are rising out of the ‘middle class’ — but are they better off?"

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22. Broadcast news:

*KOAT 7                   10:30 p.m.       02/14/2016
"Slow Progress on Demolition Effort"

*KOAT 7                   7:41 a.m.        02/15/2016
"New Mexico dealing with doctor shortage"