1. ABQ Journal - "UNM Police Chief stands by Neal’s statements on threats"

2. ABQ Journal - "Low-cost method found at UNM battles Zika virus"

3. ABQ Journal - "UNM sued to release fetal tissue records"

4. LA Monitor - "Crony capitalism benefits a few, hurts economy"

5. Clovis News Journal - "Clovis students get inside look at Legislature"

6. Vox - "Bernie Sanders is creating a new and untested electoral force in American politics"

7. PHYS.org - "Big-brained mammals more likely to go extinct, study says"

8. BAI - "Most Innovative Bank Of the Year 2015"

9. Atlas Obscura - "Enter Sandia Man: Revisiting the site of a 20th century archaeological scandal"

10. Mother Jones - "GOP Abortion Investigation May Endanger Researchers, Democrats Warn"

11. Agusta Oncology - "Immune Therapy For Brain Tumors A Promising New Avenue"

12. Bio-Medicine - "First-of-its-kind Italian school study finds high levels of prenatal alcohol exposure"

13. The Sleep Hunter - "UNM hospital room lighting"

14. Semiconductor Today - "Triangular nanostructure semi-polar gallium nitride light-emitting diodes"

15. Broadcast news:

*KRQE 13                   02/18/2016             6:20 a.m.
"UNM students hoping to compete in unique challenge"

*KOB 4                       02/17/2016             6:57 p.m.
"UNM professor discovers 800+ hidden galaxies"

*KOAT 7                     02/17/2016             3:07 p.m.
"Area company targets melanoma cure by targeting cells"

*KRQE 13                   02/17/2016             7:38 a.m.
"UNM students are concerned they could see a rise in tuition"

*KRQE 13                   02/17/2016             10:43 a.m.
"New program to help diabetes patients in rural areas"

Flint Radio                 02/17/2016             5 p.m.

Here and There with Dave Marash featruing UNM Law Professor Clifford Villa