1. ABQ Journal - "Optimism for Albuquerque is more than a pipe dream"

2. Mother Jones - "GOP Abortion Investigation May Endanger Researchers, Democrats Warn"

3. Women in Academia - "Three Women to Lead Academic Institutes at Major Universities"

4. Clovis News Journal - "Clovis students get inside look at Legislature"

5. Terra Daily - "ASU to study origin of Earth's water"

6. Chron - "The Harwood Museum of Art Announces a Santa Fe and Taos Art Getaway Package in Honor of the Most Comprehensive Mabel Dodge Luhan Exhibition"

7. Hospitality World - "New chef at UNM Catering raises the bar on creativity and refinement"

8. Broadcast news:

*KOAT 7                     02/18/2016             6:52 p.m.
"UNM scientists work to fight Zika Virus"

*KRQE 13                   02/19/2016             6:59 a.m.
"New study: New Mexico grads missing out on millions"

*KOAT 7                     02/18/2016             1:22 p.m.
"Lawsuit claims fetal body parts used in study"