1. ABQ Journal - "UNM wins $7M Air Force lab contract"

2. ABQ Journal - "Editorial: Bipartisan bills will ease transfer of college credits"

3. Albuquerque Express - "City Councilors look to add bike patrols near UNM, Nob Hill"

4. KOB 4 - "UNM researchers make breakthrough on aging symptoms"

5. Daily Mail - "Do you have a 'superbrain'? Study finds creative people have better connected brains"

6. LEDs Magazine - "Researchers from LESA and UNM receive US Patent for new growth process for large-area cubic GaN LED materials"

7. Recent News - "Yale prof discusses the Constitution at UNM – New Mexico News"

8. Wisconsin Ag Connection - "WIU, Collaborators Discover 15 New Species of Bacteria"

9. Broadcast news:

* KOB 2/22/2017 5 a.m.

City councilors could vote on a plan to place more Albuquerque police officers near the University of New Mexico

* KOAT 2/22/2017 8:28 a.m.

UNM wins $7M Air Force lab contract

* KOB 2/22/2017 6:50 a.m.

The city of Albuquerque could take action tonight aiming toward a safer UNM