1. ABQ Journal - "Disabled children benefit from better laws"

2. ABQ Journal - "High-schoolers get a close look at vocations"

3. ABQ Journal - "APS/CNM Elections: 2 more early voting stations may be added"

4. ABQ Journal - "College is working to track degree programs"

5. SF Reporter - "Morning Word: Lawmakers to Convene in Santa Fe"

6. Latin Post - "Mexican Students Could Finally Get Discounts at New Mexico Colleges"

7. STRK - "Hundreds attend Islam Q sessions"

8. STYRK - "Poll: Most registered voters back driver's licenses for immigrants"

9. World News Report - "New Mexico medical college to open border health institute"

10. Science Codex - "Scientists detect deep carbon emissions associated with continental rifting"

11.Best Union - "Best Union Enters Multi-year Agreement with University of New Mexico"

12. Broadcast news:

* KRQE 13         01/19/2016      7:32 a.m.
"UNM students push to keep alcohol tax a source of scholarship funding"

* KOB 4             01/19/2016      5:09 p.m.
"Poll: Majority of New Mexicans support licenses for undocumented citizens"

* KOAT 7           01/18/2016      7:41 a.m.
"Muslim women hope talks help eliminate ignorance"

* KRQE 13         01/17/2016      10:52 p.m.
"UNM art project spreads awareness of traumatic brain injury"