1. KRQE - "UNM offering Active Shooter Survival course"

2. KRQE - "UNM Athletic Director search begins in July"

3. KOB - "UNM announces national search for new athletic director"

4. Medical Health News - "Skin cancer survivor makes donation to UNM Dermatology Department"

5. ABQ Journal - "UNM names 10 to help find new athletic director"

6. Broadcast News:

*KOAT                                     6/23/17                       6:35 a.m.

UNM is getting outside help to hire a new athletic director

*KRQE                                     6/23/17                       5:37 a.m.

UNM is offering a class for defense against campus shooting

*KRQE                                     6/23/17                       6:05 a.m.

UNM looking for a new Athletic director

*KOB                           6/23/17                       5:53 a.m.

UNM dermatology department wants to use donated money to find a new professor

*KOB                           6/23/17                       5:24 a.m.

UNM hired an Atlanta-based search firm to find new Athletic Director