1. Albuquerque Journal - "Joy of strings: Festival brings 70 classical guitarists for concerts, workshops"

2. Los Alamos Daily Post - "UNM-LA Presents 2018 Bobbye Straight Award"

3. The Washington Post - "Election to give New Mexico district its first congresswoman"

4. ClinicalTrials.gov - "Improving Native American Elder Access to and Use of Healthcare"

5. Reveal - "Axed teen pregnancy prevention programs win back federal funds"

6. NASFAA - "Capitol Hill Trip Gives NASFAA Members a 'Positive Light'"

7. Nautilus - "Larry David and the Game Theory of Anonymous Donations"

8. M.D. Alert - "Everolimus-exemestane combo improves progression-free survival in advanced breast cancer"

9. Brookings - "Building a strong middle class in the American Mountain West"

10. Broadcast:

*KRQE 13 - "UNM to help teachers bring computer science to the classroom"

*KRQE 13 - "UNM's Johnson Center to undergo major improvements"

*KIVI TV - "University of Idaho tackles opioid addiction through ECHO program"