1. The Washington Post - "These activists want greater home-school monitoring. Parent groups say no way."

2. ABQ Journal - "City election petitions need 3,000 names"

3. ABQ Journal - "Governor’s Office accuses Senate of stalling on high-profile confirmations"

4. KRQE - "On The Stage: Popejoy Presents Motown The Musical"

5. KOB - "Events planned to mark Women's History Month"

6. Alibi - "Teens creating themselves, heating things up and honoring the women of the world"

7. Alibi - "Council Reiterates Immigrant-Friendly Stance"

8. Los Alamos Daily Post - "Local GOP Features Paul Gessing On Public Policies Of Climate Change ... UNM-LA Building 5 Thursday"

9. Los Alamos Daily Post - "Parenting Expert Returns To UNM-LA March 18"

10. Eureka Alert - "Game theory could improve cyber warfare strategy"

11. The Grant County Beat - "Heinrich To Be Joined By University Of New Mexico Interim President Chaouki Abdallah For Joint Session Speech"

12. Broadcast news:

*KOB 4                       3/1/17                       5:10 p.m.

UNM students plan to celebrate Women's History Month

*KOB 4                                   3/1/17                      5:16 p.m.

UNM Researchers construct 3d bioprinter

*KASA 2                      3/2/17                       3:15 a.m.

UNM now has its own emojis

*KCOY                        3/2/17                       6:16 a.m.

New VP and chief officers at Cal Poly holds similar positions at UNM