1. ABQ Journal - "Beer, wine coming to Lobo stadium"

2. ABQ Journal - "State colleges urged to reduce required degree credits, speed up graduation"

3. Progressive Engineer - "HDR and FBT team selected for University of New Mexico Hospitals development plan"

4. Patheos - "Patient Attempts Suicide After Faith-Based Clinic Replaces Meds With Bible Study"

5. The Daily Beast - “‘Sadistic’ Rehab Clinic in Israel Fed Addicts Baby Food, Clients Say"

6. Counter Punch - "Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders: In-depth Report on Exit Polling and Election Fraud Allegations"

7. Education Week - "Quality Learning Materials Are Scarce for English-Language Learners"

8. Broadcast news:

*KOB 4                       05/10/2016             4:11 p.m.
"Proposal would allow alcohol sales at UNM football, basketball games"

*KRQE 13                   05/10/2016             10:22 p.m.
"UNM Hospital launches new helicopter"

*KRQE 13                   05/10/2016             11:15
"Artist Betty Sabo died Tuesday morning"