1. ABQ Journal - "Protesters confront UNM leader over seal"

2. ABQ Journal - "UNM professor unflinchingly details decades of Apache wars"

3. ABQ Journal - "UNM seal minimizes Pueblo people"

4. ABQ Journal - "Damage control: New study points to need for early intervention in young lives"

5. Santa Fe New Mexican - "Chief: University of New Mexico police, DA not at odds"

6. Newsday - "Indigenous dancers compete at North America's largest powwow"

7. The Washington Times - "Title IX order on campus ‘harassment’ violates rights, free speech advocates say"

8. Bio-Medicine - "Pure carbon nanotubes pass first in vivo test"

9. Broadcast news:

*KRQE 13                   05/02/2016             6:29 a.m.

"UNM’s medical school honors cadaver donors"

*KOAT 7                     04/30/2016             2:23 p.m.

"University of New Mexico officers frustrated"

*KRQE 13                   04/29/2016             10:11 p.m.

"UNM student concerned about required sexual misconduct class"