1. ABQ Journal - "UNM Data Users Conference Nov. 19"

2.News Medical - "Discovery offers promising alternative to current therapies for AMD and ROP"

3. L.A. Post - "SUN PATH Grant Funds EMS Program At UNM-LA"

4. ABQ Business First - "The Economist ranks UNM near bottom for graduate earnings; provost responds"

5. Current-Argus - "Marriage and Economic Health Go Together"

6. E Science News - "Researchers try to understand consequences of declining populations of large-bodied mammals"

7. Psychology Today - "Are Your Dreams Keeping You Awake?"

8. Green Fire Times - "Collaboration Among Organizations Flourishes in the South Valley"

9. Broadcast news:

* KOAT 7                 11/03/2015              7:36 a.m.
"Your phone may know more about you than you think"

* KRQE 13               11/02/2015              6:14 p.m.
"City councilor: Ordinance should allow public breastfeeding"