1.  Alibi - "WHAT'S THAT? It’s international theater in the heart of ABQ"

2. News Bulletin - "Asked & Answered: Getting to Know Your Neighbor"

3. Idaho Press - "Second annual Idaho Lands Summit set for Boise State Nov. 15"

4. Medical Press - "Neuroscientists find molecular clue in ALS, suggesting potential new drug target"

5. AJMC - "Dr Heloisa Soares on Barriers to Achieving Positive Outcomes in NETs, What's in Store for the Future"

6. CISION - "The Life & Career of Dr. JoAllyn Archambault Has Been Documented In A New Website, Publicly Debuting On The First Day of Native American Heritage Month"

7. TECHNOLOGY ZNETWORKS - "Unwelcome Sweet Surprise in Some Cider"

8. Broadcast

*KOAT 7 - "More than just skulls: Dia de Los Muertos honors those who've died"

*94.5 KKOB - "Netflix Deal is Signed"

*Fox New Mexico - "Free Event to Help Grandparents and Guardians of Kids"