1. ABQ Journal - "VW case shows need for ethics in cost-benefit toolkit"

2. Science Daily - "Is your digital information more at risk today than it was ten years ago?"

3. Science Blog - "Researchers develop vaccine to treat high cholesterol"

4. Topix - "A New Peptide-Mimic Prevents Abnormal Blood Vessel Growth and May Lead to Anti-Cancer Drugs"

5. Care 2 - "The Science Behind Sexual Attraction"

6. Medical News Today - "New drug candidate is promising therapeutic option for angiogenic retinal diseases"

7. Space daily - "Magnetic sail tech alternative to rocket-based space travel"

8. dchieftain.com - "New Mexico’s beauty inspired photographers"

9. The Clarion-Ledger - "Brandon resident has research published"

10.. Broadcast news:

*KASA 2         10/15/2015              8:20 a.m.
"President Frank speaks with KASA morning news"