1. Albuquerque Journal - "BernCo awards $53M contract for MDC to St. Louis-based company"

2. Ruidoso News - "Community Expo will provide information for Transitional students with Disabilities"

3. Los Alamos Daily Post - "New Position For Engineering Faculty At UNM-LA"

4. Seattle PI - "Drug treatment program shows promising results in New Mexico"

5. LAD Bible - "National Coming Out Day Is Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary"

6. AMA Wire - "Members Move Medicine: Helping others, hearing their stories"

7. PJ Media - "Lawyer: Students With Asperger’s ‘Left in the Dark’ by Leaked Title IX Regulations"

8. Broadcast:

*KRQE 13 - "Sustainable electric grids of the future to be built in New Mexico"

*KOB 4 - "UNM police using new tool to help catch criminals"

*CSPAN - "Increasing voter accessibility in New Mexico"