1. ABQ Journal - "UNM sees record high of degrees awarded"

2. ABQ Journal - "Come for the game, stay for the brews"

3. The News & Observer - "UNM partners with Uber to provide rides to and from games"

4. MV Telegraph - "Sandia, UNM develop bio-inspired liquid membrane that could make clean coal a reality"

5. News OK - "Growing research finds psychedelics effective in treating disease"

6. Santa Fe New Mexican - "Gotta have faith: A symposium on crypto-Judaism"

7. Cure - "Cancer Genetics Risk Counseling by Phone Just as Effective as in Person"

8. Broadcast news:

* KOB 4                      9/1/2016                  9:55 a.m.

UNM leads new research on treating colorectal cancer

* KOB 4                      9/1/2016                  10:20 p.m.

UNM fans can now get alcohol during football games, soon basketball games