1. ABQ Journal - "UNM study: HPV vaccine ‘better than we ever could have imagined’"

2. KRWG - "Super PACs Fuel Political Attacks In New Mexico"

3. Pharmacy Times - "NACDS Foundation Launches Accesible Tuberculosis Treatment and Prevention Study in New Mexico"

4. Quartz - "These subtle cues at the polls can reduce voter suspicion that an election is rigged"

5. Above the Law - "Bar Exam Passage Rates Plummet After Adoption Of Uniform Bar Exam"

6. KRQE - "Silent disco takes place at UNM"

7. Broadcast news:

* KOB 4                      9/29/2016                6:25 p.m.
UNM helping study effect of alcohol on brain

* KRQE 13      9/30/2016                5:09 a.m.
UNM regents pay thousands extra to keep Frank around