Kevin Stevenson is an assistant vice president for Human Resources at The University of New Mexico. In this role, he leads a diverse set of departments and functions, including Benefits and Employee Wellness and Employee and Organizational Development, as well as HR Communications, Finance, and Information Technology, while also providing leadership and direction for the HR Division as a whole.

Stevenson was most recently executive director of Human Resources overseeing all Finance, HR IT, and Employee & Organizational Development activities within Human Resources, until appointed as assistant vice president in August 2021. Prior to joining HR, Stevenson was the Strategic Planner in the UNM Office of the President, where he led a variety of university-wide strategic initiatives on behalf of the President, including oversight of the University's strategic plan, and representing the University President in a wide variety of internal and external strategic endeavors.

In his 18 years at UNM, he has held leadership positions with the Center for Education Policy Research and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, and has served as Special Assistant to two past UNM Presidents. He has also been a faculty member in the Anderson School of Management where he taught entrepreneurship and technology management. His work at UNM has garnered national attention, having been featured by the Chronicle of Higher Education and presented to the United States Senate.

Stevenson is a Senior Certified Professional in Human Resources and holds a Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics and a Master of Business Administration in technology management, both from UNM.