The five winners of the 2018 Gerald W. May Outstanding Staff Award will be honored in an upcoming ceremony that all are welcome to attend. 

Kevin Brown, John D. Couch, Glenda Johnson, Katherine Love and Tracy Wenzl were named award recipients this year and are being recognized by Staff Council for their significant contributions to the University. 

Lawrence Roybal, interim vice president for equity and inclusionwill lead the award ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 6 from 2:30 – 4 p.m. at the Student Union Building (SUB), Ballroom C.

Those interested in attending are asked to RSVP, but it is not required. The Staff Council would also like to extend a special invitation to all past recipients of the Gerald W. May Outstanding Staff Award to the ceremony.

In 1990, President Gerald W. May provided funds specifically for staff recognition, and at the end of his tenure, a matching amount was made available from the Regent’s Endowment Fund. This prestigious presidential award recognizes individuals, but departments may nominate a staff member with one nomination form signed by the group.


Kevin Brown | Program Specialist: College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences (CULLS)
“At all times Kevin conducts himself with professionalism and integrity… His professionalism and calm demeanor and knowledge of library resources is his greatest service to the UNM community.” 

John D. Couch | Supervisor, Maintenance & Construction: HSC PPD Facilities Management/Maintenance
“John is Area 2’s greatest resource and valued asset… his ability to maintain his composure, to think quickly, and provide safe and prudent decisions during times of duress has assisted in limiting damages and potentially avoiding the loss of life.”

Glenda Johnson | Transfer Articulation Manager: Office of the Registrar
“Glenda truly believes in putting students first, which means that we need to do everything possible to ensure they can achieve their goals without being held up by university process.” 

Katherine Love | Special Events Coordinator: Engineering Student Success Center
“If the University had a heart, its name would be Katherine Love.”

Tracy Wenzl | Unit Administrator 2: Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC)
“Tracy is, simply put, and outstanding staff member whose excellence has been essential to the Center's recent success and growth.”