The Second Biennial Population and Public Policy Conference will be held Feb. 8 – 9 at the Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town. The conference will be presented by the International Association of Applied Demographers, and hosted by The University of New Mexico Geospatial and Population Studies and The University of Houston Hobby Center for Public Policy.

The conference is dedicated to bringing together a diverse group of academics, researchers, community advocates and organizers, policy makers and students, to exchange ideas, experiences, and research findings and how they inform public policy.

This interdisciplinary gathering will serve as a platform for sharing recent innovations, trends, challenges and solutions to population and public policy issues.

Keynote topics will include: Census 2020 and its implications on public funding; policy and issues on documented and undocumented immigration; panels on New Mexico-specific issues, such as land grants, water rights and the Yazzie vs. New Mexico court case; and other local issues.

For more information and to register for the conference, visit the Population and Public Policy Conference website.