The recent Presidential election has raised serious questions about potential new directions of federal policy in many areas, including international relations and national security to immigration, health care, the environment, civil rights and civil liberties. 

As New Mexico’s flagship research university, The University of New Mexico plans to use its expertise to help inform public discussion and equip students, faculty, staff and community with the information and analysis of public affairs that will be of assistance in the days and months ahead.  

As an early step, the Office of Academic Affairs sponsors a roundtable on “Policy Challenges in the Wake of the Presidential Election,” on Friday, Dec. 2 from 3:30-5 p.m., in the SUB Atrium.

The roundtable will feature five UNM faculty members noted for their knowledge and experience in major policy areas: Lisa Cacari-Stone (Population Health, health policy), Rebecca Kitson (School of Law, immigration policy), Emile Nakhleh (Global and National Security Policy Institute), Andy Schultz (School of Law, civil rights and civil liberties) and William Stanley (Latin American and Iberian Institute, environmental policy). Virginia Scharff (Academic Affairs and History) will serve as moderator.

Each participant will present major policy challenges in her/his area of expertise, and discuss with the others how these challenges intersect, and potential implications, local, national and global.

The roundtable is free and open to the public. All UNM faculty, students and staff are encouraged to attend.