Robert Jefferson, director of UNM’s Africana Studies Program, announced today that the Pre-College Math and Science Program (PCMSP) is moving from Africana Studies to African American Student Services effective July 1.

The program, which was established in 2005 in the UNM School of Engineering, will be on hiatus this summer while staff in African American Student Services reevaluate the program and determine how it is to be more effective in the future.

“As Africana Studies moves toward department status, our energy and efforts must be clearly focused on our core academic mission, and the curriculum we offer. To that end, PCMSP needs to find a home that can foster its outreach initiatives and channel those budding scholars into our program. The best location at UNM for PCMSP is in African American Student Services. We look forward to working with Scott Carreathers to keep lines of communication open,” Jefferson said.

Scott Carreathers, African American Student Services director, said PCMSP “is a better fit in AASS because we currently have established recruitment and pipelining programs for African American students to come to the University of New Mexico and utilize African American Student Services. We also have a STEM-based Summer Bridge Program through our office for incoming African American freshmen through which students can be directly pipelined.”  

He added, “Having the Pre-College Math and Science Program in African American Student Services will allow us to reach a larger population of African American Students in the Albuquerque Public Schools, which helps recruitment of these students into the University of New Mexico. It also aids our recruitment into the Summer Scholars Academy, as well as aid in retention and ultimately graduation from the University of New Mexico, which is our mission and goal in African American Student Services.”