The Anderson School of Management at The University of New Mexico announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sandia National Laboratories involving the support for the development and implementation of a Master of Science (MS) program in project controls, project management, and program management (MSPCPPM).

The development of the Anderson School’s MSPCPPM program is in direct response to this need at New Mexico’s national laboratories and in the business community in general.

Currently, these institutions look to out-of-state graduate programs to hire students with this background.

“Sandia wants job candidates who are best qualified and prepared to contribute to its national security mission,” Sandia program planning and control standards director Jennifer Plummer said. “This agreement helps us accomplish both. Sandia is growing its project management competency, and this will be an extraordinary benefit for the labs.”

Under the terms of the MOU, Sandia National Laboratories pledges to work with the Anderson School to support key aspects of the development and implementation of the program. The increasing complexity of projects and product development performed in multidisciplinary teams necessitates design and monitoring of systems and processes necessary to achieve timely completion within budgeted resources.

Goals of the collaboration are to establish internships for UNM students in the field, provide Sandia professionals continuing education courses, initiate Sandia representation on the external board advising program development, and facilitate direct interaction between Anderson School faculty and Sandia personnel on course development, review and delivery.

Dean Craig White says that the agreement forms the basis for an ongoing benefit to the Anderson School, Sandia National Laboratories, and the overall community.

“Sandia National Laboratories has indicated a strong desire to hire New Mexico students with graduate-level project management education,” said White. “This MOU provides a framework for direct collaboration in developing an outstanding program through internships, continuing education, and advice on curriculum and delivery.”

The MOU with Sandia National Laboratories builds on significant backing in place from Los Alamos National Laboratory. It is also consistent with expressions of support from New Mexico business organizations, the project management industry association, and a number of individual businesses.