Ten years ago, the Student Activities Center (SAC) saw a need to give students the opportunity to perform and display their many creative talents. With this idea the now well-known event, Lobo’s Got Talent, was founded.

Lobo’s Got Talent is an annual event that focuses on hosting an occasion where students grow and develop in their talents, as well as gain live performance experience.

“We have some amazing, talented students on campus,” said Ryan Lindquist, interim director of SAC.

Lindquist says the event expands UNM’s service to its students by giving them a fun and exciting way to discover their artistic abilities. He has personally seen the positive impact support from UNM and the community can have on students and their individual growth.

"It is very important for our UNM community to show support for our students who are brave and confident enough to showcase their talents in front of their peers,” Lindquist said. “The support the students get at the Lobo’s Got Talent Final Show can go a long way in encouraging them to continue to pursue their life passions, no matter what they are.”

Lobo’s Got Talent applications are due Wednesday, Nov. 1, by 5 p.m. to the Student Activities Center located in SUB room 1018. Only the first 32 acts to apply are guaranteed auditions.

All acts, who qualify based on the rules and regulations, are eligible for one $500 first place prize, one second place $350 prize, one third place $150 prize and one audience choice $100 prize provided by Lobo Village and Casas del Rio.

The first audition session will take place Monday, Nov. 6 in SUB ballroom A. The second session will take place in the SUB ballroom A on Friday, Nov. 7. The final show will be Friday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. in the SUB ballroom. Sign up times for auditions will be made available after the application is submitted.

It is required that all members of each act be UNM students and currently enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours.

An individual can perform up to two acts as long as they are in different performance categories. If a performer would like to participate in two acts he or she must be on both acts’ application.

The Judges will evaluate performances based on the following categories: showmanship (energy, presence), creativity & artistic Interpretation, quality of act (mistakes, tone) and overall performance. Judges will be selected by the Lobo’s Got Talent Committee and will represent members of the UNM and Albuquerque community.

For the application and a list of rules and regulations visit the Student Special Events website. For more information, contact the Student Activities Center at 505-277-4706.