The L’Oréal USA for Women in Science fellowship program is offered to female scientists who have completed their Ph.D. and have begun postdoctoral research. Applications close Jan. 29, 2022.

L’Oréal has valued science since it was founded by a scientist over 100 years ago. Currently, women make up 70 percent of their worldwide scientific workforce. L’Oréal relies on the contributions of these women to foster grown, innovation, and discovery across their company.

Since 2003, L’Oréal has awarded 90 postdoctoral women with over $4 million in grants. They are now seeking five female scientists to include in the fellowship. These scientists could be awarded up to $60,000 for their research in a STEM-related field. The goals of the project are to assist STEM women with their research and craft role models for younger generations.

Those who wish to apply for the program must be current postdoctoral associates or associates before Jan. 29. The candidates proposed researched must be STEM related; psychology, science education, and social science are not eligible research fields.

The award can fund the applicant’s research project and provide career advancement. Fellowship funds have a variety of uses such as tuition fees, laboratory supplies, and more.

Women postdocs are welcome and encouraged to apply to the program on L’Oréal’s website. Applicants can reach out to L’Oréal via email with additional questions;