As the semester was drawing to a close, students on UNM’s main campus were treated to something out of the ordinary. A drum circle turned heads as it echoed around campus all the while an a cappella group broke out in song and a variety visual artists displayed and preformed their work to memorize passers by.

ArtsUnexpected Painting
An ArtsUnexpected display in UNM’S Centennial Science and Engineering Library.

These unexpected performances were all part of ArtsUnexpected—an all day and evening arts showcase held at various locations on the UNM campus, in the surrounding community and around downtown Albuquerque.

This was the fourth year UNM’s College of Fine Arts (CFA) hosted this arts extravaganza organized and curated by students.

At the end of the day, over 250 artists including filmmakers, dancers, thespians, visual artists and musicians of every variety performed and showcased their work.

With so many entertaining pop-up performances, this annual event is definitely a campus favorite. Expect this unexpected event to return next spring.                                                                                             

For more information about ArtsUnexpected visit the CFA’s website.