The 2016 Association of American University Presses (AAUP) "Book, Jacket and Journal Show" is currently on display at The University of New Mexico through Feb. 24, 2017 in the Waters Room at Zimmerman Library.

The 51st annual show features the winners of the prestigious design competition, including UNM Press’s Finding Abbey: The Search for Edward Abbey and His Hidden Desert Grave by Sean Prentiss. UNM Press Book Designer, Lila Sanchez, was honored in the category of Jackets and Covers for her work.

“It’s an honor for my work to be in the company of stunningly talented designers,” Sanchez said. “Each book is a tangible representation of years of collaboration and hard work. So much effort goes into acquiring, writing, developing, and editing the manuscript prior to design. Afterward, more effort goes into marketing, selling, and distribution. This award ultimately reflects on everyone involved in publishing at UNM Press.”

Sanchez was also honored in the category of Jackets and Covers in the 2015 AAUP Book, Jacket and Journal Show for Mono Lake: From Dead Sea to Environmental Treasure, by Abraham Hoffman.

According to the AAUP, 348 jacket and cover designs, 258 books and three journals were entered in the competition, totaling 609 distinct submissions. Forty jackets and covers and thirty-seven books were chosen by jurors for their exceptional design.

For more information, visit UNM Press or  AAUP