Associated Students of The University of New Mexico’s Community Experience recently hosted Fall Frenzy across UNM’s main campus. Fall Frenzy is Community Experience’s biggest event of the fall semester with more than 200 students joined together to help clean up nine different sites across campus before Homecoming week.

Volunteers started off their morning with check-in and breakfast. Following check-in, volunteers were sent off to the various work sites across campus including Woodward Hall and Residence Halls. Volunteers planted flowers, created bark paths, recycled and more. After working for three hours, volunteers met back near the Duck Pond for a celebration luncheon picnic with prizes, games and food.

ASUNM Community Experience

“We love seeing Lobos at Fall Frenzy because it is a fun way to stay involved and help beautify and grow our campus here at UNM,” said Projects Director Lynn Midani. “We love working together to actively make a change and help improve the communities’ experience.”

Students were also enthusiastic about Fall Frenzy. “Fall Frenzy means community service, and it also means helping take care of this campus,” said senior Jiancarlos Benavente. “We’re going to be picking up trash and making UNM a cleaner campus. I think that’s really important for all of nature, because it doesn’t deserve to have our trash in it.”

Community Experience is the community service ASUNM agency on campus. ASUNM CE puts on Albuquerque-wide and campus-wide service events throughout the school year including Fall Frenzy, Spring Storm, blood drives, food drives, the Giving Tree and more.

For more information on future volunteering opportunities visit Community Experience.