A program in local area public schools that aims to prepare marginal students for college is looking for college-aged tutors in a wide range of disciplines including math, science and English as it expands to serve more students. The program, called the Advancement Via Individual Determination or AVID, is a college-prep/motivational program for middle and high school "kids in the middle" or those who are capable and willing of completing college-level work but are falling short of their potential. Tutors will be compensated for their time.

"This program is designed for students who want go to college but don't know what it takes to get there," said Rebecca Almeter, AVID program director for Albuquerque Public Schools. "It prepares them for college life by identifying, connecting and building a bond between the students and the tutors.

"The younger students look up to the tutors and tend to ask more questions because they might not be as comfortable with an adult. AVID helps younger students see themselves as college students. The tutors come in tell their story on what they would did in high school, how they did it and what they would do differently."

The program, which has been around at the federal level for about 30 years, was implemented last year by APS Superintendent Winston Brooks, who utilized the program as superintendent in the Wichita Public Schools. Originally, piloted in two high and three middle schools, the program is expanding during the 2010-11 school year to include four APS clusters as well as schools in the Rio Rancho and Los Lunas school districts.

For more information contact Rebecca Almeter, (505) 884-9582 - ext. 80454 or visit, AVID.

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