Interim Provost Richard L. Wood announced today the appointment of Shawn Berman as acting dean of the Anderson School of Management (ASM) effective Jan. 1, 2019. 

During this time, ASM Dean Craig White will serve as interim senior vice president for finance and administration while a national search for that position is conducted.

Shawn Berman
Shawn Berman appointed acting dean of the Anderson School of Management.

“I am very pleased that Shawn agreed to serve in this important role while Dr. White takes on another key position at UNM,” said Wood. “Dr. Berman successfully served in this role in 2017 and has the support of faculty in the School. The University is fortunate that he is willing to step in again.” 

Berman is currently associate dean for accreditation and research at Anderson School, where he has been a faculty member since 2007. Previously he served as both, interim and acting dean working with a variety of stakeholders on projects beneficial to ASM including working with faculty to successfully launch the Bachelor’s in Business Administration as a managed online program. He expanded the Anderson School’s relationships with Chinese partner universities and encouraged the completion of Anderson’s first coordinated alumni fundraising effort, culminating in the naming of the Anderson Alumni Center for Student Services.

Berman also worked with development staff and the Anderson School of Management Foundation Board on a $550,000 naming gift for the McKinnon Center for Management.  As Associate Dean for Research, he has worked to make Anderson faculty aware of funded research opportunities and involve Anderson faculty in the larger research mission of UNM.

Berman says, “as acting Dean, I will work to continue the gains Anderson has made in transparency and faculty governance, continue to strengthen relationships with the ASM Foundation Board, the Anderson Alumni Council Board, the business community in Albuquerque, and continuing partnerships with other academic units on programs that are important to all units involved. I am driven by three simple words, ‘move Anderson forward.’”

As a researcher, Berman has more than 6,500 citations and is best known for work in stakeholder theory, specifically in measuring (and theorizing about the measurement of) corporate performance across a variety of stakeholders, including shareholders and non-financial stakeholders. He has also done work in the areas of understanding the implications of the changing social contract for employees, trust, and corporate governance.

As part of his leadership style, Berman tries to foster a decision-making style based on the inclusion of all important stakeholders and recognizing the importance of trust between all parties. He is a Senior Fellow at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business’ Olsson Center for Applied Ethics and serves on the editorial review boards of Business & Society and Business Ethics Quarterly.

Berman earned his Ph.D. in Strategic Management at the University of Washington in 1998.