University of New Mexico Extended Learning offers a 50 percent discount on five academic credit online core classes this summer. The “BIG 5” classes are Intro to Art, Biology for Health Related Sciences and non-majors, Intro to Macroeconomics, Western Civilization to 1648 and General Psychology.

A task force of UNM upper administration including Monica Orozco, Terry Babbitt, Greg Heileman, Diane Marshall and Danita Gomez proposed the project, with the goal of creating awareness of online options and increasing summer enrollment.

“Online classes could be a great option for the many students that work or return home or travel during the summer,” said Monica Orozco, vice provost of UNM Extended Learning.

In addition to the reduction in tuition, Extended Learning has waived the online course fee in an attempt to encourage students to utilize Summer Session to their advantage.

“We are trying this as a pilot experiment because we understand that students have difficulty paying for summer classes,” Orozco said. “But we also understand that students who take summer classes are much more likely to graduate within four years.” 

A “BIG 5” class is $427.89 for three credit hours.

For more information, contact (505) 277-8128, (866) 869-6040 or