The University of New Mexico's recent Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference (UROC) featured two Anderson undergraduate finance students, giving them valuable research experience and refining independent learning, all while gaining practical finance experience.

Nikolaos Mavridis and Luke McGowen made presentations, and both students were advised by Anderson faculty member Subramanian Iyer.

Luke and Nikalaos-ASMUROC
Anderson School undergrads Nikolaos Mavridis, left, and Luke McGowen gave presentations as part of UNM's Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference.

McGowen presented his research on active versus passive investment methods and shared the pros and cons of each. His results showed that combining both strategies is best for positive investment outcomes.

Mavridis focused on the new tax exemption that was passed during the 2022 New Mexico legislative session and how it can help improve the well-being of local seniors and retirees. Many retired New Mexicans rely on Social Security income for their day-to-day expenses, and because of this, face lower-than-average household income in retirement. The new tax law will help provide more financial security to retirees in need.

Over time, the new tax law can also help position New Mexico as a strong competitor for retirees and seniors, making it a more desirable retirement destination than neighboring states. It may even help attract attention from other age demographics.

“The new exemption is a great way to provide relief to seniors and retirees, especially given the current inflation status,” said Mavridis. “In turn, this could positively impact our state’s economy by helping retirees keep more of their money, and therefore providing more opportunities for New Mexico businesses with a potential increase in spending.”

“Nikolaos’ research has a huge social impact, specifically shedding light on the change in senior spending pre- and post-tax exemptions,” said Iyer. "This is why research programs such as the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference are important to students’ academic journey, as it encourages them to be creative and think outside the box.”

Research is a major part of undergraduate student work at The University of New Mexico, and UROC provides students across all academic departments a place to share their achievements. Those who participate can showcase their research, explain their ideas, and display what they have to offer in their respective fields and majors. Students are the experts at UROC.