This week on New Mexico in Focus, November is a month dedicated to the contributions of Native Americans. Stereotypes, myths and misunderstanding of Tribes are still very much part of public perception, however. Correspondent Antonia Gonzales talks with some members of the Native Community about how we can all celebrate Native people without promoting stereotypes or appropriating their culture.

Plus, it was one of the standout shows of 2021. Reservation Dogs gives a unique, sometimes comedic and sometimes poignant glimpse inside the lives of a group of Native American teenagers. Correspondent Laura Paskus explores what makes the show so unique, including the musical score. She talks to composer Mato Wayahi about his involvement and process.

Paskus also talks to New Mexico Environment Department Secretary James Kenney about some interesting new developments regarding PFAS chemicals. These are a family of toxic substances that have been tied to the use of firefighting foams at a handful of military installations, including Cannon and Holloman Air Force Bases. The EPA recently declared four of those chemicals as hazardous waste, at the request of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. Sec. Kenney talks about how that development may have impacts far beyond New Mexico.

And, on this Thanksgiving weekend we offer our appreciation to one of Albuquerque’s living treasures, the Bosque. This Emmy-nominated Our Land piece is a visual celebration of one of the country’s most unique and diverse public spaces.

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NMiF Segment(s)
Recognizing Native Contributions Correspondent
Antonia Gonzales
Josh Arce, Partnership With Native Americans
Dorie Panganiban, LaVida Mission

PFAS Developments Could Have Big Impacts in New Mexico 

Laura Paskus Guest
James Kenney, New Mexico Environment Department Secretary

“Reservation Dogs” Music Composer Mato Wayahi

Laura Paskus
Mato Wayahi, composer, "Reservation Dogs”

The Line opinion panel

Gene Grant

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