The University of New Mexico’s Office of Equal Opportunity in conjunction with the LoboRESPECT program, begins a Campus Climate Survey beginning Monday, April 4, 2016. The purpose of the six-week survey is to assess the UNM student population’s exposure to the risk of sexual misconduct and knowledge of the university’s policies and support resources.

As part of the survey, 10,000 randomly selected students, equally divided between graduate and undergraduate students, will receive an email from an independent firm contracted by the University asking for their participation and to respond to a series of questions designed to give campus administrators data that will be used to improve campus intervention, prevention and response to sexual misconduct.

“This is an important survey,” said UNM President Robert Frank. “We need candid input from our students in order to better understand how well our current resources work and what we can do better. If you receive this survey, please take the time to complete it thoroughly and thoughtfully.”

The data provided by respondents, which will be transparent with results available this summer, will benchmark current University efforts says Heather Cowan, Title IX coordinator, Office of Equal Opportunity.

“The results will answer whether or not the University is serving students in the best possible way, if prevention efforts are effective and whether or not response efforts are working,” said Cowan.

SoundRocket, an outside firm, was chosen to ensure confidentiality of student responses. The survey will be given online, and it is made up of sections that ask about your knowledge, opinions, and beliefs on certain subjects, including campus policies and resources, perception of the campus climate, and the incidence and prevalence of sexual assaults.

All responses are completely confidential and participation is voluntary. Participants may even choose to skip questions or stop responding at any point. It’s estimated the survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Several incentives will be available for those selected to participate including a $100 gift card; 10 $50 gift cards; a $25 gift card to the UNM Bookstore; six T-shirts, four sweatshirts and five Lobo Louie bobblehead dolls, will be available via a random drawing.

Additionally, a separate qualitative, non-scientific survey is available for those not selected, but who still might want to participate and have their voice heard.

For more information or questions, visit Frequently Asked Questions.