Institutional Support Services (ISS) has announced a new method for requesting projects from the Physical Plant Department (PPD), Office of Capital Projects (OCP) and Planning and Campus Development (PCD). 

The new Project Intake method is similar to PPD’s iService Desk (online work order maintenance request form), but will serve the purpose for requesting new building construction, building renovations, additions, or remodeling, as well as; planning, programming and landscaping services for any of these types of projects. The decision was made to streamline the process for these projects to alleviate confusion and to provide better customer service to the campus community. 

“This new process is a collaborative effort between PPD, OCP, and PCD primarily to improve project efficiency, effectiveness and provide a place for our customers to go when they need to request projects from construction to re-painting an office,” said Mary Vosevich, director, PPD.

A “soft roll-out” of this Project Intake process was established in February with select staff on campus. After several months of success, the online Project Intake form will be the starting point for all project requests on campus effective July 1, 2014. 

Below is a list of links and places where this form can be accessed.

Accessible forms