At the University of New Mexico, nothing is more important than ensuring each of us goes home safely to our loved ones, every day. Periodically, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) wants to assess how its doing and identify areas for improvement, which is why EHS encourages all staff, faculty, and paid students to participate in an anonymous survey on the institution's current safety culture.

The survey focuses on your opinions and experiences with respect to UNM’s work environment, safety practices and procedures, attitudes and behaviors of people at UNM, and the level of commitment to safety shown by UNM’s leaders. The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Your input is very valuable and it will help improve the safety of employees across UNM. As an incentive to complete the survey, the EHS department will provide free pizza to the department with the highest survey response rate!

Additional details:

  • This survey is anonymous
  • Your responses are confidential
  • UNM does not have access to your individual survey responses
  • Individual responses are compiled by Propulo, a third-party consultant
  • Propulo will report survey results to UNM

The survey can be accessed through the following links: (English) (Spanish).

Survey Launch QR codes